About Us

Salus Veritas, LLC offers over 45 years of Prescription Subject Matter Expertise: Quality Improvement, Healthcare Operational Efficiencies, Prescription Management programs, National Controlled Substance Program Management, Opioid Best Practices, Fraud Waste and Abuse Pharmacy Investigation, Federal CMS Opioid Regulatory Standard, CDC Opioid Management Practice Guidelines, Hospital Pharmacy, Retail Pharmacy, Prescription Benefit Management, Medicare Part D, and Health Plan Insurance Pharmacy.

Salus Veritas provides clinical subject matter expertise, project management, IT custom solution development, Software Solutions Delivery, and Healthcare Strategy to provide seamless clinician friendly solutions. Leveraging a unique skill set as an experienced Clinical Pharmacist, Operations Program Leader, IT Development Experts, and Project Managers to help maximize compliance, profitability and quality while providing best-in-class services to Patients.

Value Offered

With extensive backgrounds in commercial, Medicare part D, and EGWP controlled medications management focusing on opioid management we are strategically placed to aid in the combat of the opioid epidemic. We drive our business forward by a devoted belief that patient outcomes are improved when information is made easily assessable to clinicians.

This experience coupled with our technological expertise allows us to add value to many different areas of government and private clientele. View our full suite of services or the advantages gained by working with us.



  • Doctor of Pharmacy University of the Sciences,  Philadelphia, PA Magnum Cum Laude, 3.79 GPA
  • Master of Business Administration Healthcare George Washington  University, Washington, DC Summa Cum Laude, 3.8 GPA
  • Pennsylvania + New York State Pharmacist License
  • Medication Therapy Management Certified, APhA

These are just a few our current certifications. View the advantages page for the full list.

Translated in Latin

Salus Veritas means Safety and Truth.

Past Perfromance

  • Successfully led development of Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority web-based pharmacy and medical reporting system for hospitals to anonymously report incidents: near-miss, serious events and infrastructure failures. Developed the system in 7 months to meet the mandated deadline set by the Government. System generated medical alerts to prevent future medical hospital errors.
  • Designed and integrated Pharmacy Medicare Part D Software Application to better track the timeliness and CMS compliance of each request and partnered with IT complete this build. Contributed to a cross-functional team to process change restructure and meet Medicare guidelines, requirements and timelines.
  • Successfully led Fraud, Waste, and Abuse clinical team in identification, monitoring, training, client and committee communication review, and execution of response to patients and prescribers with a specific emphasis on controlled PBM medications from 2013 to 2018. These programs reached a broad base of clients including Medicare D, EGWP, and commercial client sets.

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