Salus Veritas provides clinical subject matter expertise, project management, IT custom solution development, Software Solutions Delivery, and Healthcare Strategy to provide seamless clinician-friendly solutions. Leveraging a unique skill set as an experienced Clinical Pharmacist, Operations Program Leader, IT Development Experts, and Project Managers to help maximize compliance, profitability, and quality while providing best-in-class services to Patients.

Value Offered

  • PBM Oversight & Monitoring
  • Operational CMS Best Practices
  • Project Management
  • Government Public Policy Analysis
  • Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Operations
  • Medicare Part D Policies
  • CMS Compliance Audits
  • International Mission Work
  • Staff Training, Development, and Mentorship
  • Post-Audit Corrective Action Plans
  • Strategic Partnerships / Alliances
  • Formulary management (commercial and Medicare Part D)
  •  Prescription Utilization management programs  (commercial and Medicare Part D)
  • Fraud Waste Abuse Controlled Substance Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Pharmaceutical appeals case review
  • NYC PICA management and determinations
  • ERISA case compliance
  • Pharmacogenomic patient consultation
  • Drug information support
  • Drug trend analysis
  • Drug pipeline reporting
  • Medical integration monitoring and reporting
  • Stakeholder support
  • Publication in national pharmacy periodicals


  • Doctor of Pharmacy University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA Magnum Cum Laude, 3.79 GPA
  • Master of Business Administration Healthcare George Washington University, Washington, DC Summa Cum Laude, 3.8 GPA
  • Pennsylvania + New York State Pharmacist License
  • Medication Therapy Management Certified, APhA
  • Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist Certified, PharmCon
  • Pharmacogenomics Certification, APhA
  • Leading Women of Baltimore Award Recipient (2018) The Daily Record, Baltimore, MD
  • Top 40-Under-Forty Award Recipient (2016) Central Pennsylvania Business Journal, Harrisburg, PA
  • Nationally published in Drug Topics and Specialty Pharmacy Times (can you add links to the articles)
Translated in Latin

Salus Veritas means Safety and Truth.

Past Perfromance

  • Successfully led development of Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority web-based pharmacy and medical reporting system for hospitals to anonymously report incidents: near-miss, serious events and infrastructure failures. Developed the system in 7 months to meet the mandated deadline set by the Government. System generated medical alerts to prevent future medical hospital errors.
  • Designed and integrated Pharmacy Medicare Part D Software Application to better track the timeliness and CMS compliance of each request and partnered with IT complete this build. Contributed to a cross-functional team to process change restructure and meet Medicare guidelines, requirements and timelines.
  • Successfully led Fraud, Waste, and Abuse clinical team in identification, monitoring, training, client and committee communication review, and execution of response to patients and prescribers with a specific emphasis on controlled PBM medications from 2013 to 2018. These programs reached a broad base of clients including Medicare D, EGWP, and commercial client sets.
  • Successful planning, implementation 5-day starter dose opioid fill limit for all new opioid prescriptions processed by a National PBM.
  • Spearheaded Controlled substance programs resulting in a reduction of initial fill quantities of opioids by 71%, a 67% reduction of opioids of all prescriptions processed, a 21% reduction in member cost per opioid prescription, and a 14% reduction in opioid quantity per utilizing member.
  • Led development of CMS Best Practice in the areas of Opioid Management Overutilization Regulatory Guidelines, Part BvsD Review Process, Pharmacy Audit Credit Process.
  • Subject matter expertise in CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids through development of opioid client management and clinical recommendations.
  • Development of opioid/controlled substance risk stratification reporting, which identified high risk trends, opioid misuse, improving the quality of patient care.
  • Planning, implementation, execution, and tracking of daily operations for a clinical staff of 12 PBM pharmacists resulting in project and program early delivery.
  • Quarterly implementation clinical pharmacy utilization PBM programs: prior authorization, step therapy, quantity limit resulting in cost reduction of approx. 50% of industry standard.
  • Clinical Client Presentations: Developed and presented client specific clinical trends and medication usage, Addressed client specific clinical issues.
  • Analysis of client trend data & Development of clinical cost savings proposals.
  • Managing client accounts for pharmacy sales, marketing, client retention.
  • Direct all oversight of PBM vendor for Medicare Part D regulatory compliance, best practice development, and optimal Beneficiary Care, which includes managing a team of 6 direct reports for operational oversight processes including paid claims, rejected claims, transition claims, BvsD rejection review, CD daily reviews, formulary reviews, website monthly auditing, TMPA reporting.
  • Drive teams toward operational best practices and correction of historical problem areas, as well as developing and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • PBM contract review. PBM service agreements. Liaison to a cross-functional team to Legal, Medicare Compliance, Government Programs, STARS teams, Medical, Appeals & Grievances, Senior Leadership, CMS, PBM, Downstream Vendors, Provider enrollment, Performance guarantees, PBM contract, Specialty vendor.
  • Led development of CMS Best Practice in the areas of Part BvsD Review Process, Pharmacy Audit Credit Process, Long Term Institutionalized Reporting, DMR or Paper Claims Process, Multi-ingredient compound letters.
  • Overhauled organization’s Medicare audit readiness program, and solution implementation.
  • Designed Corrective Action Plan for Long Term Care Pharmacy License Suspension: Trained IV Pharmacy Staff on USP 800 IV Admixture standards through PowerPoint, Aseptic Technique and Written Competency. Reorganized Clean Room/Anteroom set up for State Compliance.
  • Wrote Long Term Care Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedure “Sterile Compound Pharmacy Operations Policy and Procedures”
  • Hospital Pharmacy Order entry, supervise pharmacy technicians, Pyxis systems and refill management, narcotic shipment order check-in, call out a nonformulary prescription, assistance of nursing staff in problem resolution.
  • Hospital Pharmacokinetics: Vancomycin and Aminoglycosides, Renal Dosing, Medication substitutions, Medical Staff drug information questions, Warfarin monitoring and dosage adjustment, Pain management recommendations.
  • Hospital Pharmacy Checking unit dose medications, Daily patient medication cart fill, IV admixtures.
  • Preparation of Hospital chemotherapeutic agents, IV Admixtures, TPN & PPN.
  • Pharmacotherapeutics Committee drug monograph presentations.